Su Mannau cave

To make your stay in Sardinia at the Casa Marmida agritourism more interesting and pleasant, we have found an unmissable destination for a trip, and it is the cave “Grotta di Su Mannau”: let’s see together what the most relevant features of this place are.

The cave is located in the area of Fluminimaggiore, and considering it from a natural point of view, it is characterized by its karst structure 8 kilometres long. Because of these characteristics, this one it is one of the most interesting caves of Sardinia.

The visitor can access a 500 meters long path, marked by the presence of small poll with emerald green water: in the first room, you can take note of some votive lamps, which show the ancient cult of water and the role of the Su Mannau temple.

The structure of the Su Mannau cave is divided between the “Ramo di Sinistra”, which houses the “Sala Serra”, the “Pozzo Rodriguez” and the “Ramo dell’Infinito”, where there is an alternation of columns, concretions and fascinating lava, making then room for the Placido river.

Then here there is the “Sala dei Cristalli”, which leads to the “Galleria Puddu”, from which you can reach the “Ramo di Destra”, where there are the “Ramo dei Bolognesi”, the “Cascata delle Pisoliti”, the “Lago Pensile”, the “Sala del Sonno”, the “Sala Bianca”, the “Salone Ribaldone”, the “Sala Vergine”, the “Sala Bizzarra” and finally the “Salone degli Abeti”.

It is also important to remember the ancient legend of the Su Mannau cave: the main protagonist was “Su Estiu – la grande bestia” – literally “Su Estiu – the big beast” and its ugly son, Mannau, forced to live in this cave by humans.

You can reach the Su Mannau Cave taking the SS 126 in the direction of Fluminimaggiore.

Su Mannau

Su Mannau