Linas mount

We are now at the end of our overview on the locations you can visit during your holidays in Sardinia at the Casa Marmida agritourism, considering now the Linas mount, which lies south of the town of Guspini, and it can be reached along the SS 196 until the town of Gonnosfanadiga.

This mountain, which is composed mainly of granite, reaches in the peak of Perda de sa Mesa 1.236 meters: the other tops of the massif are Punta Camedda, Punta Sa Cabixeddas, Punta Acqua Zinnigas, Monte Lisone, Punta di San Miali and finally Punta Magusu.

The features of this mountain place remind in some way the typical Alpine scenery, where the landscape is marked by deep river erosion as well as where nature is truly wild, offering wonderful panoramas.

The itineraries to reach the Linas mount pass through the Perda Pibera park, where is possible to take a look at the centuries-old vegetation, otherwise, passing through the Rio Linas Valley to Monte Muru Mannu, where you will find the waterfall of the same name and also a number of small lakes.

In either case, it is essential to reach first the town of Gonnosfanadiga and then walking again on foot through easily passable trails to the different peaks: there are so many opportunities to organize a trip, being always in contact with nature.

Are you ready to enjoy some pleasant walks which make you see the great diversity of landscapes during your holidays in Sardinia first-hand?

Monte Linas

Monte Linas