The ambiental context

The ambiental context

Choosing to spend your holidays in Sardinia in the place where the Casa Marmida agritourism is located, you can know in a better way some of the particular traits of our island, between locations at the sea or in the mountains, through the conservation areas and the cultural activities.

The village of Guspini was a long time ago part of the Monreale area, located near the southern border of the “Campidano of Oristano” and it is situated in a very interesting place, also considering the beauty of the landscapes, which makes your holiday a more exciting stay.

Unsoiled beaches – as those of the wonderful Costa Verde – are in contrast with the beautiful mountain landscapes, such as the Monte Linas, with its massif that is rich in peaks and its subsoil is instead rich in commodities exploited by man.

To all the families who are looking for the perfect location to spend a day with their children, we can recommend instead a trip to “Sardinia in Miniature”, a park where you can discover the origins and history of this island and its inhabitants.

During you holidays in Sardinia at the Casa Marmida agritourism, you can reach two very beautiful seaside locations: we are talking about the beaches of Piscinas and Scivu that you can find in the wonderful environment of the Costa Verde.

To understand better the relationship between men, work and nature during your holiday in Sardinia at the Casa Marmida agritourism, we suggest you to visit the towns and the mines located between Montevecchio and Ingurtosu, two testimonies of this charming world.

To make your holidays in Sardinia at the Casa Marmida agritourism more enjoyable, we have selected for you some interesting leisure proposals in different locations, such as a trip to the “Parco della Sardegna in miniatura” – literally the “Park of Sardinia in miniature”, Barumini and the Giara plateau.

To make your stay in Sardinia at the Casa Marmida agritourism more interesting and pleasant, we have found an unmissable destination for a trip, and it is the cave “Grotta di Su Mannau”: let’s see together what the most relevant features of this place are.

We are now at the end of our overview on the locations you can visit during your holidays in Sardinia at the Casa Marmida agritourism, considering now the Linas mount, which lies south of the town of Guspini, and it can be reached along the SS 196 until the town of Gonnosfanadiga.

The sea
The Costa Verde, located between Capo Frasca and Capo Pecora, offers its visitors an unforgettable view: the coast is unspoilt, and astonishes for example in the village of Piscinas, where the sand dunes make you feel as you are in the desert. Among the maritime locations, we mention the lagoons of Santa Maria, San Giovanni and Marceddì, where you can find a lot of fishes and birds species, among which may be mentioned first of all the mullets, and between the birds, the James flamingos and purple herons.
The mountain
Mountain lovers are instead invited to take a walk through the Monte Arcuentu and the Gentilis Park, where the Mediterranean forest rocks and also where you can see deer, wild board and even the typical birds of the woodlands of our country.
Somewhere around Guspini, there are the remains of the settlement of Neapolis (sixth century BC) as old as the ancient Roman road “Su stradoni de is damas” where are the thermal baths and the Roman aqueduct which bears witness to the role played by this small town during the Roman era. There are also remains of the early human settlements in Sardinia, including cemeteries, menhirs, nuraghe, giant’s tombs and holy wells. Industrial archaeology enthusiasts could visit Montevecchio, a mining centre that was included in the UNESCO world heritage list.